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Jus Gentium provides a debate platform where ideas and current international law issues are discussed with the aim of enhancing legal thought and identifying ideas that will lead to constructive and cutting-edge future legal research.

Policy-makers, researchers and other involved social and legal actors are targeted on the opportunities for discussing current issues and new developments.  Our aim is to bring together international law academics, practitioners, representatives of civil society, business-leaders, and other stakeholders to see how States and all other actors engage with public international law.

As Jus Gentium, we act to prepare projects and various international forums for everyone who are interested in global issues for especially our members. These initiatives aiming of high-level international meetings and the publication of the meeting / project reports with their global counterparts will be prepared to contribute to the in-depth analysis of global issues such as disputes between states, armed conflicts, financial sanctions, state sovereignty, universal jurisdiction, global security, international organizations and courts, migration and human rights.









Jus Gentium offers Youth exchanges under Erasmus+ program allow groups of young people from different countries to meet, live together and work on shared projects for short periods. On a youth exchange, you can expect to participate in activities such as workshops, exercises, debates, role-plays, outdoor activities and more.

Jus Gentium develops international educational programs for university students and young professionals. Our objective is to promote a dialogue about understanding and responding to the legal, economic and diplomatic challenges that democratic or developing countries face as they become more diverse societies. Our programs explore past and present examples of resistance to intolerance, with a goal of encouraging future leaders to be engaged citizens and responsible decision makers.

Through Jus Gentium Youth Trainings, we select a few people, mostly 5 or 6 young people, to go abroad for trainings and share Jus Gentium spirit. They share their intellectual knowledge, Jus Gentium research and perspective and gain more as such. It encourages new collaborations, built up new network, enlarges intellectual knowledge, create life-long friendships and offer our members to have exclusive insights on other countries and academic knowledge.



Jus Gentium regularly publishes research papers and policy briefs on a broad perspective and these papers are accepted in accordance with the scientific logic of the general outline that has guided the work, and thus provide a logically ordered series of studies on the overall subject.




Jus Journal explains complex structures, information and affairs in the simplest ways.

Jus Journal is a new generation media channel initiative, aiming to work through various social media platforms such as YouTube, Podcasts, Instagram and Twitter in order to inform its audience on the world’s legal balances, on their fundamental rights and on other judicial dynamics.

The channel aims to talk about recent topics covering various perspectives such as; how they affect daily life, what are the relevant legal, legislative and executive mechanisms, how do people (particularly European society) participate in this process.

Jus Journal aims to make a difference by making all such complex and multidisciplinary affairs way simpler that will inspire society to speak up, act up and take part in.

Our current flagship program at Jus Journal is our “Podcast with Expert” series.



Unresponsive, incoherent and expensive. That’s how today’s higher education is seen by most of the student. That may refer to fancy campuses, expensive amenities, big course catalogs, and not much focus.

What is now necessary for 21st century education is a platform of convenience, speed and value through informal education techniques, even further in subjects that are thought to be classic and formal such as law, economics and politics. Jus Gentium offers high-level legal and economical trainings where courses, seminars, conferences, delegations to United Nations & European Parliament, visits to embassies and international institutions take place

International public law is the set of rules which is legally binding for every State, for, in virtue of its sovereignty it has adopted it in its own legal system, or is a reflection of it.

Our association aims to familiarise its members and participants with international public law mechanisms, so that they’re able to lobby for change, according to the current legal issues society is facing. The purpose of our academy is thus to give key players the necessary tools to influence the creation of legislation or the conduct of an activity, which then leads to the fulfilment of our pre-established goals.