Jus Gentium
Jus Gentium is a non-governmental, non-profit, non-political, international public law organization. We focus our work on the UNSDGs, International Law, Diplomacy Law, Human Rights, Crimes Against Humanity, and Civil liberties. We value internationalism, globalism, and the protection of fundamental rights. Jus Gentium has a global network, but it’s headquarters are in Paris, France and our team operates in English and French.
Interdisciplinary Work
Jus Gentium International works in the legal relation between state and person. In this process, the work draws knowledge from several other fields like sociology, economics, international relations, philanthropy etc. The core of the intention of the association has always been about creating something new by thinking across boundaries.
Jus Gentium provides a platform for our network to develop legal, intellectual, and political influence. Our aim is to connect people with outstanding opportunities in human rights and civil liberties, and to promote these concepts through the use of international law. Jus Gentium operates across the world, hosting international events, attending meetings hosted by organizations such as the United Nations, EU Parliament, and OECD, and providing pro bono legal support.

Why Jus Gentium


We work with those who are best in their field – ambitious, knowledgeable, and analytical people, who look at current affairs and legal issues from a different perspective. Together, we have built a broad team of academics, practitioners, and international representatives (UN / EU / ICJ / EC / ECHR / OECD).


We go beyond the concept of an NGO, constantly working on projects that directly connect people to diplomats and academics and play a part in decision making processes and active field work.


We provide efficient, innovative, and effective approaches to difficult social, economic, and legal problems around the globe.