Jus Gentium

At Jus Gentium, we are passionate about access to justice and its role in international law and human rights. Our pro bono program works to find gaps in the present legal system, and to facilitate a way the legal system can provide increased services to those with issues in international law. Whether this is through pairing teams together that can distribute and work on pro bono files, providing pro bono services within our team, or creating and distributing basic educational materials about the principles of international law, at Jus Gentium we are working to create innovative justice solutions that promote SDG 16.

This year, we are kicking off our pro bono program with a matchmaking event, aiming to build relationships between pro bono legal service providers and private practitioners. The goal of this project is to raise awareness of the number of disputes presently international law, highlight the necessity for pro bono work, and to create a system for effective partnership to complete this work.

Our project will see two events take place in 2018, the first being in London. Our participants will come from the UK, Netherlands, and France as we have identified these locations as hosting the largest number of international legal support providers. After we have created a contact database of organizations working in international law (NGOs, law firms, chambers), we will be inviting these organizations to a pairing event, hosted by Jus Gentium, to discuss their relative pro bono requirements or commitments. To ensure the event’s success, we will be distributing learning resources about our participants and outlining the need for innovation in access to justice. Following completion of the event, we will work to distribute our database of contact information to interested participants and develop a hotline for future pro bono work sharing.

If you are interested in partnering with us to sponsor one of our pro bono events, or are interested in participating as a legal services provider, please contact us to discuss further. We truly appreciate your support in making our goals realities.