Jus Gentium

What We Do

Jus Gentium prepares a platform for their network seeking to develop their legal, intellectual and political abilities. Our aim is to provide an outstanding, accessible and sensitive work to a broad range of people in accordance with our commitment to the promotion of human rights and civil liberties through the law. While at the forefront of many cutting-edge domestic and international human rights events, and with several meetings at United Nations, EU Parliament and OECD, Jus Gentium operates across the world and hosts many more international events.

5 Main Area

These events will draw a national and international audience. The purpose of events is to define evaluation in international law, develop relations between academicians and students. This past year, we have carried out two major activities on Immigration Law and South China Sea dispute. Jus Gentium will lead events this year through partnerships with 5 partner countries (Netherlands, France, Switzerland, Belgium and Sweden) and, in addition, strategic partnerships in areas where the board is physically active or through international institutions. We hope that our "United Nations SDG Goal 17 Global Partnership" event will be both an inspiration and a reference for our next successes in April 2018.
The Institutional Visit is a visit to a government or non-governmental organization, a public administration or a private institution. Jus Gentium will provide new project partnerships and a unique network and working environment to enhance their activities by visiting international institutions. Institutional visit can take a few hours, or even a whole week (for example, visiting a number of international institutions during a trip to Europe).This year Jus Gentium will focus on international trips to Brussels, Geneva, Strasbourg, New York and Nairobi.
According to International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights’ Part 1/ Article 1, “All peoples have the right of self-determination. By virtue of that right they freely determine their political status and freely pursue their economic, social and cultural development”. As Jus Gentium, one of our aims is promoting the human rights and civil liberties through the law. In the light of the UN’s International Bill of Human Rights and international public law, we publish an ‘Accessing to International Tools Index’ and our index includes main five subtitles; ‘journalists, LGBTIQ individuals, immigrants, human right defenders and married couples’. Our index has guidelines that these five discriminated groups can learn “which judicial ways they can follow, which procedure they should know, or which institutions they can reach”. Our index presents international procedure to access justice. Justice does not have borders, it is universal and it is for everyone. In social aspect, our index plans to give information to people about their innate rights and enhance their awareness. Many people, especially discriminated groups face many unjust manner in their daily life. A handbook for ‘journalist, LGBTIQ individuals, immigrants, human right defenders and married couples’ about their rights and status in front of international public law should bring nothing but benefit. This index will be used by large number of organization international-wide.
Jus Gentium will provide international legal assistance without charge to coachees in international law, human rights and related areas.
Jus Gentium will create a neutral, non-partisan, group of experts in different fields involved in international law. The aim of the this Network is to promote discussion and foster better knowledge of the legal constructs. The conversations on the Network are intended to be dynamic, thought-provoking and up to speed with the most recent developments in international law.
Content Directors will publish a "Newsletter" every month. Here we will collect a lot of information about our events / activities / work of Jus Gentium. Content directors are planning to include authors’ articles to the newsletter. For example, all authors would first write an article about what Sustainable Development Goals. In the future, "Open-call" will be announced and the title of the next month will be updated and the authoring institution will be updated and renewed.