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[Upcoming] UNSDG Goal 17

In 2015, the UN approved the 2030´s Agenda for sustainable development and set 17 goals. The Goal 17: Global Partnership is what our Brussels Event will be about.

This specific goal, called Partnership for the Goals, seeks to generate partnerships between governments, the private sector and civil society with the intention to achieve the remaining objectives. But, why is this goal so important? The reason is that we are facing huge challenges but, luckily, a great amount of people is willing to help. But, given the current situation, simple donations or volunteering is not enough. It is no longer just a matter of giving; it is time to build the future and, to achieve it, nothing better than the union between the three sectors.

The private sector is plenty of economic resources, resources that are often limited in the others sectors. This is the reason why it is necessary for everyone to work together.

It is time for investments to become planned, ethical and responsible. At this point is where the role of the governments becomes essential. They must control and encourage long-term investments, especially in strategic areas.

Civil society is also important because often it has good intentions but reduced budget. In order to solve this problem, the union with the private sector is crucial. Companies can provide the necessary resources to NGOs and foundations, which often are more in touch with social reality and know which areas require investments to accomplish substantial changes in society.

Our event, which will be hosted in Brussels next January, has the intention to link these three sectors so parliamentarians, businessmen, social leaders and students from all around the world will be part of the panels and audience.

Our intention is to form bonds among the participants. Thus this will strengthen our partnerships for our commitment to Goal 16! We are humbly convinced that our event will encourage the creation of relationships that will last over time and that through them we can begin to achieve our goals.

With the intention of reaching 2030 with the objectives reached, we prepare this event and invite you to be part of it.

For further information, please contact us at info@jusgentiumint.org

Ataberk Özcan

Kurucu Başkan

Ataberk Özcan, 1996 Izmir doğumludur. Izmir Ekonomi Üniversitesi, Hukuk Fakültesi öğrencisidir. Ataberk, Jus Gentium’u kurarken, Türkiye’de eksikliğini hissettiği uluslararası kamu alanında farkında yaratmayı ve yine uluslararasında bu alanda çalışan diğer ekol, enstitü ve oluşumları Türkiye ile buluşturarak, yoğun ve sıcak bir politik dönemden geçen bu ülkenin öğrencilerine kendilerini ifade edecek ve diğer perspektif ve düşüncelerle tanışacakları bir platform sağlamayı amaçlamıştır. Bugün, en çok da bunun için çalışmalarını yürütmekte ve ileride dahi bu alanda, uluslararası kamu alanında uzmanlaşmak istemektedir. Evrenselleşen dünyanın, farklı dilden farklı kültürden bir araya gelmiş entegre toplumların ve insan hakları çalışmalarının sevdalısı olmuştur.

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